Who I am: Writer’s Edition

Hello, my name is Alishia, also known as Sushi, and welcome to my first post for Ego’s Blog Challenge. A little background before I continue, Ego’s Blog Challenge (Her blog is here!) started in a writing server (That Writing Place) that I grew fond of in the past few months. A group of writer’s were challenged to participate in this fun event and today is the first day of that challenge!

Write a post introducing yourself as a writer! Talk about what you’re working on/what you have worked on! Talk about how long you have been writing and what got you started/why you do it! And then talk about why you’re doing this challenge! Bonus points if you link to other people who are doing the challenge!

The first piece that I remember writing in my life was in 4th grade. We were given the prompt, “Write a story about a magic key and where this magic key takes you.” The other kids in my class wrote about a key that opened a door to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, or a door that took them to a magical land of rainbows and unicorns. I, on the other hand, wrote about how my cousin found a trapdoor hidden near the park and we fell down in. I wrote in as much detail a 4th grader could about the monsters that surrounded us and how we tried to run away from them, only making it out of the scary place before they could eat us.

Up until a few years ago, I wrote off and on, mainly coming up with dark fantasy stories that I would run through my head multiple times a day, getting me through tough times. I often fantasized that I would secretly find a magic world that would reveal something better than the one I was living in. It wasn’t until I entered high school that I realized that I would sound less crazier talking about these daydreams if I twisted them into stories. Thus started the first and current project I’ve been working on, When Stars Fall.

Since I started writing, I’ve fallen in love with words and the way the ink would flow onto paper. I used to carry around a three inch ring binder, full of story advice and my works. I even went to college for Creative Writing (I later dropped out because art school is expensive).

The current piece I’m working on right now is the first project I started in high school called When Stars Falls. It started out as a basic story of a war between good and evil, with a heroine being forced to fight in the war. Since then, the story has progressed (I would give a description of the story, but I really suck at those so I’ll just have to do it another time. As for all I can say now, there are angels and fallen angels in it.)

Other than When Stars Fall, I’ve worked on some fan fictions here and there, poetry and other stories. I have another series that I plan on working on later, a dystopian mixed in with dark fantasy, as well as some stand-alone novels.

As for why I’m doing this challenge, I realized that I needed to build a portfolio for my work, especially since I want to publish my book soon. I also wanted to find a way to build a following.


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Stupid Decisions

I was walking in the store late at night, unable to sleep. I don’t know if it was because I was nervous about the test in the morning or because I had stupidly decided that taking a two hour nap before dinner would be a perfectly good idea. Either way, here I was. Buying ice cream, another stupid decision.

I was stuck between cherry vanilla and peanut butter and chocolate swirl when he showed up in my life again. And no, it wasn’t the whole he-ran-into-me-while-his-head-was-turned-and-we-laugh-it-off or even the I-saw-him-and-the-whole-world-stopped. It went a little like this:

I was turning away from the freezer, grabbing both of the ice creams because I couldn’t decide when I saw his tall figure and wavy, jet black hair. Angrily, I threw down the cartons of ice cream into my cart and storm up to him, spinning him around and punching him in the face.

“There was no need to do that.”

I crossed my arms and looked to the side, ignoring the fact that he had an ice pack pressed to his nose. His nose, unfortunately, didn’t break. My hand, on the other… hand, did. I also had an ice pack for my hand, but it sat on the table, ignored. I refused to show any weakness in front of him.

We were sitting in the little dinning area in the store. Employees stared at us, some shooting glares, as we held them up. I gave them a shrug and gestured to the asshole next to me, indicating that he was to blame. After all, a punch in the face wasn’t good enough for him. He needed a sit-down-and-talk.

“Ally, you can’t just go punching people whenever you feel like it.” Tyson put down the ice pack. He reaches over and grabs the ice pack, trying to give it to me. I smack it out of his hand and I instantly regret it. My hand throbs, pain shooting through my arm. I wince, and hold my hand carefully, shooting another glare at him.

He takes the ice pack and squishes it between his hand, looking down. “I know you’re hurt. I’m sorry.”

I scoff, looking away. “Right, because sorry is going to make everything better.”

We stayed silent until I realized that too much time has passed. I get up from my seat and gran my now-melted ice cream. “Now, if you excuse me, I have a face to stuff with ice cream soup.”


I put my throbbing hand up, pain shooting through my arm. “I don’t want to hear it.” I said through me teeth, trying to hold in a wince. And with that, I left him like he left me all those years ago.

Under the Stars

I couldn’t sleep. Sighing, I crawled out of my sleeping bag and hung my feet off the cot. My best friend snored softly beside me. Carefully, I step around her, and unzipped the tent. I looked up and saw Tyson sitting on the porch swing, staring at the night sky.

I walk over to him quietly, sitting on the edge of the swing, about a foot away. I looked up at the sky, tucking my head on my knee.

“Couldn’t sleep either?” I ask, my voice sounding louder in the silent night.

He answered with a quiet “Yeah,” his voice barely raising above the crickets.

We sat silently on the swing, watching as the stars slowly rotated in the sky. Slowly, he inched towards me. I pretended to not noticed, but it was getting hard. I prayed that he couldn’t hear my loud heart beats.

Time passed on. He knees would softly graze mine for time to time. When it did, my breath would hitch. I would try to play it off like I was coughing, but I think he saw through me. He didn’t say anything.

I don’t know what it was in that moment, but I felt the need to speak the words. But my brain, a step ahead of my heart quickly pressed my hand on my mouth, stopping the words before they hit my tongue. I knew he already knew. It wasn’t a new fact to him that came into the world just yesterday. It was a truth that lingered in the back of his mind whenever I was around, the truth that lingered behind that sad smile he gives me when he sees me trying my best to impress him. The one that lingers in his eyes as he gazes at me, waiting for me, no, daring me to say the words.

But I couldn’t, and he knew. So as I sat there, staring at the dying grass with the words stuck in my throat. He only turn back to the stars and stayed silent. He waited for a few more minutes until he gave up and went back inside.